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Historical Society Members

Welcome to the Members Section
This section is dedicated to Members of the Historical Society of the American Pit Bull Terrier;
providing them a means to advertise their kennels and stock, make the aquaintance of other Members and establish lines of communication between Members.

Snapshot and Calendar

Snapshot of the Month- In our "Snapshot" section the Historical Society shall present a significantly noted "snapshot" in time within the history of the breed. Members are encouraged to submit their own suggestions concerning fanciers,breeders, or dogs from history they would like to view.

Individually bound printed copies of our "Snapshot" subjects include additional photographs and six generation pedigrees and may be purchased for $25.00. Start your collection today.

Calendar - The Historical Society has provided a monthly calendar for Members that depict important dates from the history of the American Pit Bull Terrier. Members are encouraged to submit any additional dates and Information they feel would be valued as an Inclusion to the calendar.

Reserve your 2015 Historical Calendar by ordering yours today.
All calendars are scheduled for mailing 11-28-2014


Snapshot of the Month