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Welcome to The Registry
the Official Registry of the American Pit Bull Terrier Historical Society

The Registry was established in 1979 and opened the husbandry books to register dogs for general members on June 1st, 1990. The Registry is dedicated to the American ‘Pit’ Bull Terrier and to its Membership. The Registry registers only American ‘Pit’ Bull Terriers. Our Members consist of those individual fanciers ‘serious’ about the breed that is truly concerned with the purity and preservation of the breed. Our foundation is both strong and correct.

Dedication to this great breed has should not go without noticed and should have a place to be recognized in the future. The Registry makes every effort to verify the complete and accurate information on all pedigrees.

Historical Pedigrees are prepared with a six (6) generation pedigree Historical Pedigrees can be provided on dogs listed as Hall of Fame Inductees (HOF), Champion, Grand Champion or who are on the Register of Merit (ROM) and Producer of Record (POR) list.